The Hypnosis Definition

Hypnosis Definition

If you’re like me, then you’ve always wondered if hypnosis is real and to be honest when you see hypnosis glamorized in movies it isn’t far from the truth. That’s typically most people’s hypnosis definition. The pendulums, shiny objects, and the obedience are the goals, right? While that CAN be a result of true hypnosis … Read more

Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep Hypnosis - Alarm Clock

What is Sleep Hypnosis Sleep hypnosis is like any other hypnosis session ( see What is Hypnosis ); except the idea is that you listen to a hypnotist while you’re sleeping. This can be in person (weird), through audio tracks, or YouTube videos. In some cases a hypnotherapist will give you recordings to listen on … Read more

What is Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis - Sleep

So you think you can trance? Well, you’re probably right, if you were searching for self hypnosis and how to do self-hypnosis then you came to the right place. Or have you been here before? *Hypnosis hands* “woooooOoOoO”. Sorry, I get carried away sometimes… you came here to learn and learn you shall! Self-hypnosis, also … Read more

How to Start Hypnosis

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Hypnosis, generally, happens in four steps. Induction, Deepening, Suggestions, then Awakening. Before you jump in there’s a few things to consider. Your general curiosity of how to hypnotize people may have been launched from seeing a stage hypnotist, a street hypnotist, a friend that dabbles, or an ad on the radio. No matter if it’s … Read more

What is Hypnosis?

In the most basic form hypnosis is simply an altered state of mind. While you may be completely unaware of it, you may have found yourself in a hypnotic trance more than few times. For example, intense concentration where everything else drowns out, day dreaming, and even driving home and forgetting how you go home … Read more