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Sleep Hypnosis

What is Sleep Hypnosis Sleep hypnosis is like any other hypnosis session ( see What is Hypnosis ); except the idea is that you listen to a hypnotist while you’re sleeping. This can be in person (weird), through audio tracks, or YouTube videos. In some cases a hypnotherapist will give you recordings to listen on your own time to reinforce […]

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When Hypnosis-HQ was started, a singular goal was approached… What would the most useful site about hypnosis provide?

That singular goal continues to grow in answers but the question still remains the same. Ultimately, the goal at Hypnosis-HQ is to be a one stop shop for people interested in hypnosis; budding amateur hypnotists, those casually interested, and those knee deep in the more exotic realms of hypnosis. Our goal will always remain the same but over time, with your help and feedback, our answers will grow.